What sets us apart?

  • 15 years expeirience working with and maintaining knives
  • Great customer service
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Hand sharpening techniques that preserve the life of your blades
  • custom bevels? no problem.

Cutting Board Resurfacing?

When resurfacing a cutting board, we plane the top 1/32" or so off of the surface of a cutting board, leaving a like-new, cut free work area. it lasts about 3-6 months depending on your frequency of use, and costs about 1/4 to 1/3 of buying a new cutting board. Gouges in cutting boards harbor dangerous bacteria and can put food at risk of cross-contamination, and will shorten the shelf-life of raw meats. (Cutting board resurfacing services are expected to go live by summer 2018.)

Above Board Services

We can service all types of cutting tools, knives and blades.

Butcher Shops & Kitchens

A sharp blade reduces repetative motion stress and saves production time, as well as providing cleaner cuts for retail display and plating.


Shop Tools

Lawn mower blades, chisels, drill bits, chainsaw teeth, hand-planers, saws etc. will all work better and safer when they are razor sharp.



Clippers, sheeps foot blades, stem choppers and scissors all need a keen edge for fast and safe floral work. A sharp knife can improve the longevity of cut flowers, and will help stems look professionally cut when in a vase.

outdoor/pocket knives

Pocket Knives/Outdoor Blades & Axes

Be ready for anything with a sharp blade that lasts, wheather opening the mail or cutting up firewood.

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